Data Center FAQ's

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Q: Could you provide a high-level description of your Intra-Data Center business model?

A: Unwired strives to provide the most reliable customer-to-center access available. We use completely redundant routing and switching infrastructures (top of the line Cisco 12k equipment) and peer with Level3, Time Warner Telecom, NTT/Verio, and several other carriers to provide excellent redundancy and Tier-1 peering for our up-stream links. Additionally, we have multiple microwave links into data centers throughout the Bay Area to provide additional diversity so as to protect our customers from fiber-based outages. Lastly, with our current Intra-Data Center model, we can usually provide 1Mb to 1 Gb/s x-connects with a 24 to 48 hour turnaround. Overall, we aim to provide the highest possible level of quality combined with the most competitive pricing schedule.

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Q: You mention that usage is measured using the 95th percentile method. What does this mean?

A: This means that a customer may burst to the full capacity of their cross-connect or radio, but will only be billed for their more sustained usage. For instance, a 1 Mbps customer can burst to 100 Mbps on a fast-ethernet cross-connect, but they will only be billed for the 1 Mbps if the higher usage is not sustained. To calculate the 95th percentile, samplings are taken via SNMP at 5 minute intervals from the Unwired switch or router port where the customer is connected to, and are the greater of input or output bits per second. The sample data is then sorted from smallest to largest, with the top 5 percent being discarded, and the remaining sample being designated as the 95th percentile. If the threshold for committed bandwidth is exceeded, customer will be charged an excess bandwidth fee based on the following calculation: Number (#) of megabytes in excess of Customer's permitted bandwidth (rounded up to next whole megabyte)times (x) the current per megabyte cost plus (+) a 10% overage penalty.

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Q: What type of Service Level Agreement (SLA) do you offer your customers?

A: We are happy to offer all of our business customers the same 24x7 SLA.

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