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Business FAQs

Q:  Is Unwired Ltd service available in my area?


A: Unwired Ltd fixed wireless service is currently available throughout the East Bay as well as parts of Marin and San Francisco. To learn more about our coverage areas please take a look at our coverage map, or contact our Sales Team to determine if service is available in your area.


Sales: / 510-868-1614 x 2

Q:  How is Unwired different from the competition and the larger conglomerates?


A:  Unwired is a locally owned and operated ISP that values reliable service, honest communication, and responsiveness to our clients.  We do not cap your data, block your ports, or sneak hidden fees and accelerators onto your monthly bill.  We are proud to provide a redundant network backed by 24/7 local and knowledgeable support staff and we offer you a month-to-month contract so there are no long-term obligations or penalties.  We believe in net neutrality, customer privacy, and most importantly, customer satisfaction.  These are just a few of the things we are proud to offer our customers here at Unwired.

Q:  I see you offer both wireless and fiber service. What would be the benefits of Wireless over Fiber?


A: While fiber has traditionally been considered a premiere product, many are surprised to discover that wireless circuits are capable of the same speeds as fiber while offering greater reliability and performance at a fraction of the turn-up time and cost.


To elaborate, a fiber circuit has to traverse through several network elements or “hops” (i.e data centers, telco plants, regeneration hubs etc) to reach from point A to Z.  A wireless circuit on the other hand is able to bypass this infrastructure and connect directly to the customer in as few as one or two “hops”.  Less hops translates into lower end-to-end latency and improved performance of the circuit.


Another benefit to wireless is that it is not vulnerable to fiber cuts or inadvertent damage caused by 3rd party vendors performing service.  The sheer nature of its delivery method (i.e. wireless), bypasses these elements and increases the overall dependability and reliability of the circuit.


If a fiber outage does occur, many companies turn to wireless for immediate restoral because one of the most advantageous components of wireless is its turn-up speed.  Fiber circuits can take weeks to months to install and are generally accompanied by a hefty start-up fee.  Wireless however can be installed within days (or hours in an emergency), at a fraction of the installation cost.


So while both fiber and wireless offer a viable business solution, many companies are opting for wireless to take advantage of the aforementioned features.

Q:  How do I know if I will have a good line of site?


A:  If you fall into the pink area on our coverage map, you are a good candidate for wireless service.  When service is requested, prior to installing the equipment we will verify line of site and test your signal strength to determine if an adequate service signal is available. If it is determined that we cannot complete the installation due to obstacles or other signal issues, Unwired will not proceed with the installation, your signed paperwork will be voided and any advance payments for service will be refunded.

Q:  Does Unwired service come with a guarantee?


A: Yes, it comes with two actually.  We offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee on all of our wireless deployments.  Additionally, we back all of our business products with our 24x7 Service Level Agreement for added assurance.

Q:  Does Unwired provide the Wifi throughout my office?


A:  No. Unwired will provide internet service to your office, however the internal setup and support of your router and the distribution of Wifi within your office is the responsibility of your business.  Given the unique nature of every router, we recommend that you consult directly with your router manufacturer or enlist an IT consultant for questions pertaining to your in-office wireless setup, changes to your wifi or router, or adding devices or computers to your office.  As a courtesy, we have provided general troubleshooting steps for router setup on our Support FAQ page, but specific details pertaining to your setup will ultimately be based on your personal router selection and your office configuration.  As such, it is always best to consult with an IT specialist for details as this is outside the scope of what Unwired provides.

Q:  Does Unwired Ltd block ports or cap usage?


A: No! Unwired provides an unfiltered and uncapped internet experience.  We do not charge for access to specific sites, we do not block ports, and we do not cap your usage.  We do however ask that all of our users abide by our acceptable use policy and Subscriber Agreement which both promote healthy internet behavior.  Please see links below for more details.


Subscriber Agreement
Acceptable Use Policy

Q:  Do I have to get permission from my landlord to have your service installed?


A:  To ensure compliance with your lease agreement and to prevent problems down the line, we prefer that you have permission from your landlord or building manager prior to installing service.  If this presents a problem, there have been some rulings by the FCC you can read on the FCC website to determine if you need to have permission prior to installation. If you are still unsure if the FCC rules apply to your business, we recommend erring on the side of caution and getting permission from your landlord.  If you would like to provide your landlord with an overview of a standard installation from Unwired, please refer them to our Installation Overview document.  Sometimes this helps!

Q:  What is a typical installation for wireless internet service?


A:  A typical installation consists of a radio and antenna that are externally mounted to your building and are designed to receive internet wirelessly from one of our local transmission towers.  The equipment requires a clear line of sight to the tower so placement on the rooftop or upper floors of your building tends to be best.  Obstacles such as dense foliage or other structures could impact your line of sight so our installers work to find a location which enables the strongest signal yet is as unobtrusive as possible. An ethernet cable is run from the radio to the inside of your office where we connect the ethernet to a power injector.  We will subsequently provide you with an ethernet handoff that can be used to plug into your business firewall, router, or other internal networking device.  In order to properly connect to the internet, your internal network will need to be programmed with static IP’s which we will give you at the time of installation.

Q:  Are there any taxes or fees that are not disclosed?


A:  No. There are no hidden taxes associated with our fixed wireless service plans, nor do we have any hidden escalators or surprise rate changes that pop up after an unidentified period of time.  The monthly fee that we quote is the fee that you pay and is a rate you can count on, month after month after month.  If we offer you a service that does have affiliated taxes (e.g. fiber service), we list these out in the service order so you are aware of all of the fees in advance of service.

Q:  What does burstable mean?


A:  Burstable means that when you are downloading or uploading a large file, your usage may go up to the maximum speed allowed by your plan, (either 18 Mbps, 26 Mbps, or 34 Mbps) but are not designed to maintain the maximum rate over a sustained period of time.  Thresholds for sustained usage are outlined in your Subscriber Agreement and listed below:


  • 18/4 plan is 1 mbps (128 KB/s) down / 1 mbps (128 KB/s) up
  • 26/7 plan is 2 mbps (256 KB/s) down / 2 mbps (256 KB/s) up
  • 34/10 plan is 3 mbps (384 KB/s) down / 3 mbps (384 KB/s) up


We ask that all users self-regulate in accordance with the requested thresholds.  If you maintain usage above these thresholds, we may request that you limit your average usage or upgrade to a higher capacity service plan. Should the network be negatively impacted by sustained usage, Unwired reserves the right to limit your usage to reduce network impact until you can reduce your sustained traffic.  Please feel free to consult the Subscriber Agreement if you need further clarification or contact us with any questions.