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Data Center Services

Selecting the right provider for your Data Center Services is an essential step in ensuring the success and reliability of your business.


At Unwired we provide all of our customers with the security of knowing we use only carrier class infrastructure deployed in redundancy for all of our Services.  Additionally, we are multihomed with several of the nation’s leading fiber networks to ensure full protection from any single carrier failure.


We offer both hosted and non-hosted services in several of the Bay Area’s most premiere Data Centers and tailor our data center packages to meet the security, reliability and performance needs of our customers.  So whether your business requires 1 Meg or 100 Gigs of bandwidth, or is in need of a half rack or full cage, Unwired can customize a solution to meet your needs while providing a secure are reliable platform for continued growth.


720 Second Street, Oakland

365 Main Street, San Francisco

529 Bryant Street, Palo Alto

11 Great Oaks, San Jose

11085 Sun Center Drive, Rancho Cordova

9000 Foothills, Roseville


Rack Space, Cages and Bandwidth

Increments of 1Mb – 100Gb are available at listed data centers.  Cages, half racks and full racks are available at competitive market rates.

Redundancy for Every Component of the Data Center Infrastructure

To ensure fail-safe protection throughout our entire network, we deploy redundant carrier-class only equipment.  Dual routers, dual power, and dual line cards are deployed in every data center and are backed by a fiber ring running between the data centers for the ultimate in reliability.

24 / 7 Network Access and Support

Retain full control of your system management while taking advantage of our 24/7 support staff to assist you with any problems you may encounter.  Add in our remote hands service and you are left with full access and support to an always-on network.



The Shortest Path to Anywhere

We peer directly with several of the nation’s leading Tier 1 fiber networks in conjunction with private peering exchange fabrics within each data center.  This configuration allows us to optimize routing and enable traffic to take the shortest path to anywhere in the internet, at all times.




All of our data centers come with in-house physical security, key card access, biometric scanners, mantrap entries, and IP-DVR cameras.


Based on the design of our architecture and our selected peering, we ensure that you are not exposed to any single carrier or single equipment failure and traffic is routed through the most optimized path at all times.  This translates into the fastest, most reliable data center experience you could ask for.


See What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

I started as a residential customer of Unwired in the early nineties, when the president himself came to my house to install our antenna.  Today, my business uses Unwired as a carrier in our data centers.  Support availability and system uptime are light-years better than other carriers we’ve worked with.  Huge thanks to the team at Unwired for helping my business to grow and providing me with reliable high-speed internet this many years.


Julian S.

Founder of SymBio



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