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Expanded Coverage Area

Unwired is expanding to Marin.  We are now offering Service in parts of San Rafael, Strawberry, Corte Madera, Mill Valley, Tiburon and Terra Linda.  If you’d like to know if we offer service in your area, feel free to check your address on our coverage map by clicking here.

Privacy Pledge

As you may have read in recent news, Congress has voted to repeal broadband privacy rules, paving the way for internet service providers to collect personal information about their users and disclose this information without customer consent. We at Unwired believe in protecting the privacy of our customers which is why we have started the ISP Privacy Pledge. We are vowing not to share our customer's data with 3rd parties and are encouraging other ISP's to take the pledge with us! Click here for more details.

Net Neutrality

Under Net Neutrality, Internet Service Providers are required to follow specific rules and guidelines that ensure they maintain an ‘open-internet’ for all of their customers.  This means ISP’s cannot charge you more for accessing specific sites (such as Netflix, Facebook or You Tube), nor can they change the connection speed in which you access those sites.  It is the notion that all data on the internet should be treated equal by the ISP providing you service.


Unfortunately, the rules that mandated a Network Neutral environment were repealed by the FCC in December 2017, giving ISP’s sweeping power to control access to the internet and control costs.  This means that ISP’s can now legally slow down your access to sites they’d prefer you not visit (such as Netflix due to its heavy bandwidth consumption), or they can legally block your access all together unless you agree to pay more for accessing this site.


At Unwired, we believe in the principles of Net Neutrality and the notion that customers should not have to pay more to access their favorite sites.  Our focus is on the quality of our products and the protection of our customers, not on the exploitation of either for a larger corporate bottom line.  We promise to protect our customers and to never monetize traffic or control content to suit our own needs.  Unwired is proud to support Net Neutrality, even when other players won’t.

Referral Bonus

We are offering incentives to our favorite people, You!  Refer a friend or neighbor to Unwired and once they are signed up as a happy customer, you will receive a credit on your invoice!  Referral credits are $50 for a residential customer and $100 for a new business customer.  Who doesn’t like free money?!

30-day Satisfaction Guarantee

Unwired is committed to providing all of our customers with high quality internet backed by superior customer service, but if for any reason you are not satisfied, contact us within 30 days of your start of service and we will refund your money minus the cost of installation.