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Residential Internet

Experience fast, reliable, and unfiltered internet for your home.

Unwired Ltd is committed to providing quality internet combined with the highest level of

customer care and support.


We do not block ports, charge extra for specific websites, or cap your usage.

Oh, and we protect your privacy as well!


Fixed Wireless Internet

Our Fixed Wireless Plans provide high-speed internet via an outdoor radio installed on your home that transmits wirelessly to one of our local towers.


Standard Plan

Burstable Speeds:

10 Mbps Down / 3 Mbps Up


5 Static IP Addresses &

3 E-mail Accounts





Advantage Plan

Burstable Speeds:

16 Mbps Down / 6 Mbps Up


5 Static IP Addresses &

6 E-mail Accounts





Extreme Plan

Burstable Speeds:

22 Mbps Down / 9 Mbps Up


5 Static IP Addresses &

6 E-mail Accounts




All plans backed by Unwired's 30-Day Guarantee!*

*  The 30 day satisfaction guarantee states that if you aren't completely happy with our service contact us within 30 days and we will refund your money minus the cost of installation.


New installations have a one-time set up fee of  $100 + the purchase of equipment.

Why Choose Unwired?

Local and friendly support

No long hold times or outsourced support.  Receive assistance directly from our local support team; Individuals who know and understand your product.


We’re transparent

No hidden fees, no data caps, no blocked ports and no long-term contracts.  We stay transparent with our pricing and products so that what you see is what you get.

Privacy and Net Neutrality

Unwired has taken a pledge to protect our customers' privacy. We are also an advocate for net neutrality and will continue to keep our internet services open and equal to all subscribers.


Built-in redundancy throughout our entire network. Redundant access points, switches and power plus multiple paths to the internet are just a few ways we ensure you experience an always-on internet solution.

Local Support

Unwired is now offering

Fiber Internet in the East Bay!

Fast, Reliable and Convenient!

Unwired Offers Flexible Plans Up to Gigabit Speeds!




We pride ourselves on making and keeping great customer relationships. We are here for you 24/7 and we love doing business with you!

See what our customers are saying about us:

From the time I was first informed

about Unwired by my friend and neighbor,

I  have had positive experiences with

Unwired. Each employee (sales, installation,

billing) was extremely helpful and believed in the

company.  It's nice to do

business with a small local company

which is dedicated to providing

excellent service to their customers.


- Ken S, Sausalito


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