Unwired Privacy Policy:  

At Unwired Ltd, we take the privacy of our customers seriously.  Any personal information submitted on our website is considered confidential.   

How we use your information:

If you send a communication to us, we may keep a copy of that communication in an effort to respond to you appropriately.  If you send us an inquiry for service, listing your address, we will use this information to determine the products and services that are available to you based on your location.   

Any personal information submitted will remain internal to Unwired Ltd for the sole purpose of providing you with a quality product.  Unwired will never sell or disclose your personal information to any 3rd party for financial gain or profit.   

We respect your right to privacy. 

We support Net Neutrality!

On December 14, 2017,  the FCC acted to repeal the Net Neutrality regulations.

 We at Unwired find the potential impacts of this change very concerning.  Repealing Net Neutrality allows a broadband provider to block or slow down access to any website they choose or allows them to charge you for accessing specific websites or content.  As an example, with Net Neutrality repealed, a large ISP could decide to charge you an additional $10/month to access your own Netflix account online.  Or, the ISP could charge Netflix for the right to have you, the customer, reach Netflix without being blocked or slowed down.  This is exactly what could happen now that Net Neutrality has been repealed.  It opens the door for ISP’s to charge you for accessing your favorite sites, or charge content providers for access to their own customers.  The potential for abuse of power is exceedingly high and the number of ways to manipulate or monetize customers is incredibly frightening.

 All that said, there is a bright side.  The decision is entirely up to the individual Internet Service Provider to determine whether or not they behave in this fashion.

Our commitment to you:

Unwired has no desire to block, slow down, or monetize access to your favorite websites and services.  We will not give preferential treatment to any traffic based on the type, origin, or destination of that traffic and will not charge you more for accessing specific content.  Instead, we will continue to keep our internet services open and equal, just as we have been doing for the past 14 plus years.

ISP Privacy Pledge:

Congress has voted to repeal broadband privacy rules, paving the way for internet service providers to collect personal information about their users and monetize this information as they see fit. This enables your ISP to closely monitor all of your online activity, create personal profiles of your behavior and disclose this information to the highest bidder, all without your consent.

Some ISPs may argue, “Many social media sites do this, why can’t we?” Our response is, “You can always choose not to use a particular website, but your ISP has become an essential utility, acting as the primary gateway between your home or business and the outside world.  If your ISP is monitoring you, this means that any usage of the internet is potentially compromising your privacy.” We don’t believe this is right, which is why we have decided to voluntarily commit to customer privacy rules on our own, which we are calling ‘The ISP Privacy Pledge’.

We hope other ISPs will join in taking the pledge.

We take the privacy of our customers seriously and pledge not to share our customer’s data with 3rd parties unless required by law.

While not a definitive list, here are some of the things we pledge not to share:

  • Your browsing history (What websites you visited)
  • Your search history (What you searched for online)
  • Your geo-location history (Where you are when you use the network)
  • Your usage data (When you appear to be at home or at work and using your connection)
  • Your purchase history (What you purchased or where it was delivered)

While we cannot make this a legally binding pledge, we WILL endeavor to abide by it to every extent possible.